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        • Interesting Facts about Radio Broadcasting

          Radio broadcasting has always been about fostering a musical connection. We has dedicated a week to celebrate World Music Day. As part of the celebrations, we thought it’d be nice to throw out four interesting facts around radio broadcasting, in praise of what the

          Posted on:03-03 View:14
        • Top 10 facts about radio

          From 1922-1971 you could not listen to the radio in the UK without having a licence From 1922-1971 you could not listen to the radio in the UK without having a licence 1. Early developments in radio were called ‘wireless telegraphy

          Posted on:03-03 View:10
        • Radio’s Top Talkers for 2019

          Talkers Magazine, the published voice of the talk radio industry, has released its 2019 “Heavy Hundred” list of America’s most influential radio talk show personalities. And to no one’s surprise, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Dave Ramsey maintain their list-lead

          Posted on:03-03 View:19
        • 25 Creative Radio Copy Ideas

          In recent years, we’ve run fresh variations of our “24 Creative Radio Copy Ideas” blog to suggest clever and offbeat ways to get your brand noticed and remembered. This year, we’re going one better with “25 Creative Radio Copy Ideas.” The idea here is to gi

          Posted on:03-03 View:6
        • All of Knowledge of Antenna You Must Know–The Principle of The Antenna

          An antenna for transmitting the radio apparatus or receive electromagnetic components. Radio communication, radio, television, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures, remote sensing,radio astronomy and other engineering systems, all use of electromagnetic waves to transmit info

          Posted on:03-02 View:34
        • How to Design a FM/TV Radio Studio – Part 4: Original Style Studio Lay...

          Traditional radios look a little dull overall; the design is slightly thin. At first glance it’s a place to work. In the past, traditional radio stations did not pay much attention to the “packaging” of the studio. Here are 20 traditional radio-style images.

          Posted on:02-27 View:20
        • How to Design a FM/TV Radio Studio – Part 3: Retro Style Studio Layout

          Classic items such as vintage furniture or decoration add charm and personality to your studio. It does not mean that you have to spend extra cost to get historic products, but choose their alternatives. Amoy wall hangings, vintage wallpaper, vintage furniture, hand draw lettering; re

          Posted on:02-27 View:16
        • How to Design a FM/TV Radio Studio – Part 2: Modern Style Studio Layou...

          As a studio of modern design concepts, which has a strong modern visual appearance, it means we pay more attention to the design of the room – the layout. All elements in the studio should look and feel roughly the same, so that studio colors, furniture fabrics and other elements are

          Posted on:02-27 View:18
        • How to Design a FM/TV Radio Studio – Part 1: Professional Style Studio...

          Design studio seems to be a tricky challenge. After all, this is where you will work for a long time. Don’t design the studio too cramped, it will affect your mood at work. To figure out how to design a studio space, I have collected some excellent design works, referring to these wo

          Posted on:02-27 View:33
        • Watch Jonny Goood Play His Songs on the Fender Vintera Basses

          Fender's Vintera Series guitars and basses channel the most popular features of '50s, '60s, and '70s instruments into designs built for today's artists to deliver classic tones in new contexts. Jonny Goood has lived many lives, and wh

          Posted on:02-19 View:23
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