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        • Do you need any anti epidemic supplies for prevent novel coronavirus

          Fmuser anti epidemic supplies list KN95 Masks Passed The GB-2626-KN95 Test PM2.5 Filter Respiratory Protective Mask click picture for purchase

          Posted on:03-10 View:12
        • How High Should I Set My Drum Overhead Mics?

          Don’t be misled by the term “overhead” into thinking that if you use overheads, they have to be high up or far away. In most cases, the purpose of overhead mics is to capture a balanced image of the entire kit that you can use to complement individual mics. There is no exa

          Posted on:03-10 View:5
        • Multi-miking for Acoustic Guitars

          An earlier article discussed a number of approaches to miking acoustic guitars in a recording environment; those approaches used a single microphone, which works great in many applications. But there’s no need to limit yourself to a single microphone when the tones and tex

          Posted on:03-10 View:3
        • Podcasting Tip: Try a Lavalier Mic

          Podcasting has never been easier. Thanks to carrying a complete computer in your pocket (or a tablet, if you’re so inclined) you don’t even need to have a computer anymore! And there is a lot of gear that is perfect for podcasting because it’s battery or USB

          Posted on:03-10 View:2
        • PreSonus Releases Studio One Remote

          PreSonus has unveiled a new app that allows remote control over Studio One 3 Professional using an iPad 2 or newer, including iPad Mini. Key features of Studio One Remote include: Control Studio One running on a computer on the same network as the iPad. Collaborat

          Posted on:03-10 View:5
        • Livid Controllers now ship with Bitwig 8-Track

          Livid Instruments have announced that their Base II, DS1, and Alias 8 will now ship with Bitwig 8-Track, Bitwig’s new DAW that includes the entire selection of Bitwig Studio devices and Bitwig Essentials Package of presets for use on up to eight project tracks. Bitwig 8-T

          Posted on:03-10 View:3
        • How Many Features Do I Need?

          Q: I’m looking at picking up some new gear, but I can’t decide which features I need for the stuff I want — should I get something with tons of control or something simple? There are benefits to both simple gear and feature-laden gear. So, the answer is

          Posted on:03-10 View:4
        • Free Ozone Mastering Presets from Greg Calbi

          iZotope has teamed up with legendary mastering engineer Greg Calbi to give you new Ozone 6 presets, the same ones designed and used by Greg on a daily basis. Calbi has more than 7,500 album credits to his name, and has developed a method for using these presets to optimize hi

          Posted on:03-10 View:4
        • How to Use Multi-pattern Mics on Acoustic Guitar

          Acoustic guitars have a place in many musical styles, but the best method of recording an acoustic can vary. The perfect sound for a new-age solo guitar album would likely not be the appropriate sound for a surf record. (Yep, acoustic guitars have long been a part

          Posted on:03-10 View:5
        • Avid Pro Tools 12.1 Released

          Avid has released version 12.1 of Pro Tools. The new version brings features from Pro Tools 12 HD to Pro Tools software: Up to 128 audio tracks Up to 512 instrument tracks Input Monitoring Copy to Send — create instant headphone mixes PFL (Pre-Fader Liste

          Posted on:03-10 View:4
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