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        Do you need any anti epidemic supplies for prevent novel coronavirus

        Date:2020/3/10 17:04:53 Hits:

        Fmuser anti epidemic supplies list

        KN95 Masks Passed The GB-2626-KN95 Test PM2.5 Filter Respiratory Protective Mask

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        Passed GB-2626-KN95 test and national standard certification.
        KN95 grade requirements; the filtration efficiency of non-oily particulates is not less than 95%

        Five-story design, perfect cover when crossing crowded airports, bus terminals, shopping malls, parks and busy city streets,Effectively filter, gases, odors, dust, pollen, smoke, PM2.5.

        3D and lightweight design, the initial pressure drop makes your breathing easier.
        High-quality elastic earbands that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and help protect the respiratory system are one of your most important assets. Contour opening design ensures effective sealing of outside air.

        The adjustable hook-and-loop strap fits comfortably throughout the day.

        Unlike ordinary surgical masks, this N95 mask has a wide mouth area that makes breathing easier and does not generate heat or fog inside the mask.


        Made of Nylon mesh for excellent breathability and extra comfort.

        Lightweight material allows you to wear it every day and allows your skin to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

        Automatically Lock Face temperature with alarms Thermodetector

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        Automatically Lock Face temperature to Prevent False alarms

        This comes with WLIR software are standard.WLIR has a built-in AL face detection module,automatically lock face for temperature,intelligently shield high-temperature sources other than face in scenes.

        Intelligent Temperature Calibration Algorithm Prevents False Negatives

        WLIR has a built-in body temperature Calibration Algorithm,which automatically collects face temperature in different scenarios for self-learning, and adjust the body temperature alarm threshold in real time by adapting to ambient temperature changes ,preventing people who report abnormal body temperature due to morning or night temperature differences.

        Automatically Statistice of Screening and Alarming Numbers

        WLIR can automatically count the number of screened personel and the number of suspected ahnormal body temperature alarms during the screening process,for an epidemic prevention and control.

        Automatically Temperature Alarm

        When an ahnormal temperature person is detected, WLIR will automatically emit a buzzer to alert the alarm, and the face recognition frame of will be immediatly displayed in a red accordingly for a quick on-site identification.

        Automatically Snap Shot for Abnormal Body Temperature

        When an alarm is triggered by an abnormal body temperature person, WLIR will automatically capture the photo of the detected person for later statistice and analysis.

        High-precisions Automatic Infrared thermal al camera body temperature measurement for new coronavirus detection

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        Potable Infrared Thermography Human Body Temperature Detection Solution System

        All-day Prevention and Control
        Rapid Deployment
        Long Distance
        High Precision
        No Touch

        What is the principle of thermography human body temperaturemeasurement?Infrared radiation:

        In nature, any object whose absolute temperature is greater than zero (-273 ° C) can radiate its own properties, temperature degree-dependent electromagnetic wave energy. This phenomenon is thermal radiation or infrared radiation.

        Infrared radiation is the most extensive type of electromagnetic wave radiation that exists in nature. It is based on any object under normal circumstances, it will generate its own molecules and atoms to move irregularly, and it will continuously radiate thermal infrared.

        Energy, the more intense the motion of molecules and atoms, the greater the radiated energy, and conversely, the smaller the radiated energy.

        Based on the principle of infrared radiation, a thermal imaging camera was developed. Thermal imaging cameras include optical lenses.

        Infrared detector, signal processing system and protective cover, etc., as shown in the figure.

        Thermal imaging camera temperature measurement principle:

        The infrared radiation emitted by the test object is collected by the optical lens and acquired by the infrared detector.

        The external detector detects the infrared radiation energy of the measured object. There is a corresponding relationship between radiant energy and temperature.

        The processing system displays the radiant energy or temperature in different gray scales, and different gray scales represent different temperatures.

        Then use blackbody (the reference source for calibrating the infrared system) to perform temperature measurement calibration to establish the gray scale and temperature standard.

        Confirm the corresponding relationship to achieve the temperature measurement function.

        FMUSER FU-2020B/E Infrared Intelligent Body Surface Temperature Screening Instrument Detection System

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        FU-2020B/E Infrared Body Surface Temp Screening Instrument is the Professional Equipment to Prevent Epidemics from Spreading.

        Within the measurement scope, system does a fast measurement to the person who passes the entry quickly. After system software measures the body's thermal image and max temperature, the system will alarm or upload the exact date in a real time.

        Big Data Cloud Platform of System:

        Internet+ Intelligence+ Functions
        Through internet of things technology, big data cloud platform connects all the infrared thermal imagers into the internet, and realizes the remote commission, remote maintenance, remote monitor and management, abnormal temperature big date and intelligent application and other relevant cloud services.

        Cloud platform reduces the threshold of equipment utilization and supply multiple manners for prevention and analysis of epidemic.

        Disposable Protective Suit Full Body Biological Protective Safety Clothing


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        1. Suture seam maintains liquid resistance
        2.Elastic cuffs
        3. Elastic band and ankle
        4. Wide armholes for maximum wear resistance and comfort during use
        5. Elastic waist for best fit
        6. Size: 180CM
        7. Color: White

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