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        How Many Features Do I Need?

        Date:2020/3/10 10:02:21 Hits:

        Q: I’m looking at picking up some new gear, but I can’t decide which features I need for the stuff I want — should I get something with tons of control or something simple?

        There are benefits to both simple gear and feature-laden gear. So, the answer is, it depends on your needs. For example, there are a lot of choices in overdrive or distortion pedals. Some are very simple, with just gain, volume, and maybe tone controls. Others have enough functions and switches to be at home in a scientific laboratory. Which is best? The answer depends; having all those tone-shaping options at your fingertips might be tremendously inspiring and allow you to squeeze every last iota of tone from your guitar. But on the other hand, a simple design might help you quickly dial in the right sound on the fly at rehearsal or on stage — and it might also offer all the control you need to achieve the tone you want.

        This is true for studio gear, too. Take mic preamps, for example. There are simple mic preamps that offer a single gain knob, and maybe a couple of switches for phantom power and an input pad. Then you have other models that are loaded with dials, switches, buttons, and displays — they look like they were pulled out of the USS Enterprise. Which is best depends on your situation. Fast and easy to operate may be best in a complicated session — and it may also provide all the capability you need to capture the sound you want. In other cases, having total control over many parameters allows you to optimize exactly the tone and response you need.

        Simple gear is also generally easier to learn and to use, while gear with more features may take longer to learn, but may also offer extended capabilities and tons of flexibility. And, keep in mind that just because a feature is on a box doesn’t mean that you must use that feature every time you use the box — you may only need it under certain circumstances.

        These are great times to be a performing and recording musician, there are more gear choices than ever, at every price point! To get the most from your gear, and to choose the best gear for your needs, take the time to evaluate exactly what you want to accomplish and how you will be working. And don’t forget, your Sweetwater Sales Engineer is a tremendous resource who can offer tons of advice and insight into which items will help take you and your rig to new heights of creativity and productivity!

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